Friday, June 24, 2011

Turning the old into new

It has been so nice to jump back into quilting after being finished with all things wedding.  Especially when I'm sewing with one of my favorite things - vintage sheets!


It's funny how these old sheets can turn into the most beautiful baby quilts.  Reinventing themselves for a new generation. 

Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt

I'm not sure what this quilt pattern is called, but I fell in love after seeing it here.  I made my blocks much larger than hers, so the octagons ended up being 14 inches across.  After the entire top was sewn, that was just waaaay too much white space for my liking, so I machine appliqued some pinwheels in the centers using some leftover scraps from my Kona Challenge Quilt.  More details about that later next week.


The patchwork binding is also made of vintage sheets and the back is (what else!?) another vintage sheet.  Sorry for the wrinkly pictures - this was before I got it all washed and ready to ship out to a wonderful mommy-to-be.

I think if baby number two ends up being another girl, I'm going to do her whole room in vintage sheets.  How lovely would that be?


  1. oohh its gorgeous i wish i could find such pretty vintage sheets here they are few and far between. She will love it. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. So pretty, Emily! Perfect for a baby quilt.

  3. Very cute. I would love a whole room of vintage sheets.

    Thanks for linking up at the Vintage Sheet Blog.

  4. Such a beautiful quilt! So soft and snuggly :)