Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three berry, four berry, hayberry, strawberry!

We interrupt the wedding coverage for a quick strawberry break.


Phoebe and I along with some friends hit up Rowe's Produce Farm yesterday for some delicious strawberry picking goodness.


Phoebe was super into it.


Although she did have a questionable choice in berries, and a lot of her contribution had to be heavily edited.



She was quite fascinated with all of the misshapen and unique berries and got good little collection started.


The sad part is that she doesn't even like strawberries (or any kind of fruit for that matter - the girl has some seriously weird food preferences).  But at least she tried one.  I'm sure I ate enough to make up for her.




We ended up with about 15 pounds of fresh berries.


I was hoping to go on a freezer jam spree last night, but ran out of pectin after only 2 1/2 pints.  I also froze a bunch to use for smoothies.  What's your favorite strawberry recipe?  I've got at least a half a tray left!


  1. Baby girl is absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait to see the adventures with the new baby!!

  2. wow you did pick a lot they look delicious i am eating loads of them at the moment but sadly mine are from the super market. Beautiful photo's your little girl is adorable bless her, dee x

  3. I'm a huge strawberry shorcake fan, but I also really love strawberry bread. Something like this:

  4. Lord do those look good! Still need to get out and pick but I want to try my nana's strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe.

  5. I love strawberry bread, but my favorite is a strawberry roll (similar to a pumkin roll).