Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because one wedding cake just wasn't enough

Heck, four cakes weren't enough!  I have a tendency to go overboard on my projects, and my sister's wedding was not the place where I was going to hold back.

Dessert Table

Four cakes, 150 mini cupcakes, french macarons, cake pops, sugar cookies, and lollipops.


I definitely learned a lot during the process - like that cake pops do not like to be frozen.  They taste delicious frozen, but they're not so happy when they come back up to room temp.  I made three different types of cake pops (that I got to make twice due to my freezing experiment); dark chocolate covered strawberry cake, chocolate cookie dough truffle, and pumpkin pie pops covered in white chocolate.


The front cake is a triple lemon blueberry cake and is my current favorite cake recipe.  I've got another post on that coming up later this week.


This one was a snickerdoodle cake with cinnamon buttercream.  The flower is made out of gumpaste.


The stand on the left holds coconut cupcakes, while the right is filled with carrot cupcakes covered in cream cheese icing.


Chocolate peanut butter cup cake.  Three layers of chocolate cake with peanut butter cup chunks, filled with two layers of chocolate buttercream and a layer of peanut butter filling.


We did have one casualty to the dessert table.  The large, three tiered blue floral cake (dark chocolate with nutella mousse) didn't quite make it in one piece.  It was an incredibly hot day, and after a long car ride, and having to sit in a car for an hour before we could get into the venue, we opened up the trunk upon arrival and found that the fondant had cracked and split and the bottom tier had slid apart.  Ohhhh, it was a sad moment.  But by that time, it was pretty much "on with the show" mode and we put it on the table anyways, and it was delicious nonetheless.


I just love making lollipops - they're usually an unexpected throwback that everyone loves - especially the kids (I know my daughter had about three of them).  I made four different types - peppermint, peach, lemonade, and blueberry/cherry.


So it's definitely true that making french macarons requires a a bit of skill.  It took me 5 failed batches just to get these, which are far from perfect.  But while they weren't perfect in form, they definitely tasted good.  The green ones were filled with a mint ganache and the pink were filled with a mixture of blueberry jam and buttercream.


And here I am - glad that I can finally kick back and enjoy the party!  And the great part is that all that was left at the end of the night was that smooshed bottom tier of nutella cake.  I call that a success!


  1. wow, those look all super amazing Emily!! wow, makes me sooo hungry too. :)

  2. wow is all i can say!! all of these look delicious and so gorgeous! i haven't baked in so long, and you are making me itching to do some baking! i can't imagine how long these must have taken you!

  3. Oh my gosh, now all I can think about is cake! I WANT SOME CAKE!!! See what you've done???

  4. OMG those cakes look and sound amazing. Peanut butter and chocolate..yum what a combination. Coconut cupcakes ooohhh coconut is another favorite my mouth is watering. And the flower you made wow that is amazing your sister must have been so proud of you. You are very clever, dee x

  5. If I only had a tiny bit of your talent...! Beautiful and all very tempting!

  6. Wow! I can't wait for the triple lemon blueberry cake recipe. I have a lemon bundt cake that I like, and I know the blueberries and lemon are a great combo! Congratulations on such beautiful baking.

  7. AMAZING! you are seriously kind of incredible and I wish I could have a taste of everything on that table! Sad about the one cake, but it sounds like that was out of your hands...and it is still such a pretty one. Definitely the best dessert table I've ever laid eyes on, congrats!!

  8. What an amazing spread! If it all tasted half as good as it looks, I'm not surprised there wasn't any left :)