Monday, June 6, 2011

And life can resume

Bridal Suite @ the Blue Dress Barn

I'm baaaaaaack!  The wedding is over and my life is mine again.  Even though it consumed my every waking thought for a solid two months straight, I'm so glad that I put so much time and love into everything I created for my sister's wedding.  It turned out beautiful and I think that everyone had a wonderful time - I know I did!

Before I get too carried away, I need to announce the winner from last month's Giveaway Day!  I am honored and flabbergasted to have received so many entries - and thank you for all of the speech advice!  I ended up writing my speech the day before the wedding and kept it short, sweet, and heartfelt.  I think it went over nicely :)  Anyway, the winning comment was #410 which belonged to Holly of Bijou Lovely.  Hopefully Holly has already received her package - I can't wait to see what she comes up with from all of those Heather Ross scraps!

I'll be back soon with lots of wedding loveliness - I took a few pictures, but was so busy that day I had to leave most of the photography up to the professional, so I'm hoping we get those photos back soon to share with you.

Congratulations Abby & Joe!

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