Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My daughter is going to be a huge dork

At least that's what my husband says will happen if I continue to make her hats like this.


But I'm totally cool with it.  I was a huge nerd all through my school years. 


And lets face it, I probably still am.


But I'm so glad that I stayed true to myself all those years, because I really like the person that I turned out to be - corny as that may sound :)


I whipped up this hat for Phoebe the other night.  I hadn't crocheted anything in awhile, and it felt sooooo good to be working with yarn again.


I used this free tutorial; it took less than one skein and was completed entirely while I watched the Oscars.  I like quick crochet projects.  I always have big ambitions to make afghans out of hundreds of little motifs, but I always peter out after a couple of weeks.  But I think I caught the bug again after seeing this and this and this


I hope my husband turns out to be right for once.


  1. "Dork" is one of my favorite words! I love the elfin shape of the hat.
    The Sewing Dork

  2. i love this hat...i have it on my desktop right now because when i found it yesterday i knew i had to make one for my little lady....dork or not it is way too cute

  3. This turned out so cute in pink!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. She is a cutie! Love the hat :) And I just love your blog too.

  5. She's gonna be super cool and crafty if she turns out to be anything like you!