Sunday, March 20, 2011

Digging in the Dirt

I think what I was most excited about when we bought our house was the prospect of having a real garden and real flower beds this summer.  I've always tried my hardest at container gardening while we lived in apartments, but lack of light, lack of space, and plant loving cats squashed all of those ventures pretty quick.


Phoebe and I wasted no time in starting some seeds once March hit.


We keep our little flat of basil and spinach seedlings on the kitchen table where it has been getting lots of sunlight.  It's usually enclosed with a plastic cover to deter the cats, but Phoebe has me remove it to check on the plants about fifteen times a day.


She got so excited once we could see the little green sprouts poking up through the soil.


And everyday we have to count how many plants we can see.


It will be quite interesting to see how involved she'll make herself once our garden really gets going, because the girl hates dirt.  If she finds even a speck on herself, she screams out "Dirt!  Dirt!", and I have to come to the rescue with a clean rag.  It's pretty obvious that Phoebe picked up a good dose of my OCD.

But she definitely loves to water.  Our time outside consists of her watering every inch of ground in sight.


Now I just need to get us some matching boots.


  1. aaahhhh bless her ;-)) Its great she is so interested and to see new growth through the eyes of a little one is magical. have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Aaw! You two make an adorable pair of gardeners.