Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cake on a stick

Cake pops.  Quickly shoving cupcakes aside as the new "it" baked good.


Vanilla cake mixed with vanilla frosting, dipped in dark chocolate.  These are for a reception at a local college who's colors are orange and black.  I had to make my own orange sprinkles since all I could find locally on such short notice were spring colored pastels (gotta love those 8pm calls where the product needs to be done in the next two days).  So I took some white nonpareils and put them in a ziploc with some orange food coloring and let my daughter go crazy shaking it until they were all coated.  A quick dry on a paper towel, and voila!


Quality control is very important.

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  1. Those are super what a great idea, kids will adore them, dee x