Monday, March 7, 2011


So I know putting fabric in embroidery hoops and hanging them on the wall has been done to death in the crafting world, but I still love it.  So there.

We have a large wall in our dining room that had been blank for just way too long, so I finally decided to do something about it.


First I pulled a myriad of scraps and prints from my collection.  There was really no rhyme or reason to why I chose what I chose - I just wanted it to be colorful while still meshing well together.


Then I took all of my embroidery hoops and raided the ones from Phoebe's nursery as well and laid them out in a pleasing pattern on the floor.  Then I basically put the fabric in the hoops based on what scraps would fit into what hoops.


Then I completely disregarded my initial diagram and started randomly nailing them to the wall.


Until it looked like this!  I can still see a couple of holes where I'd like a few extra, but it will have to wait until I replenish my stash of wooden embroidery hoops.  Also, please disregard the terrible lighting fixture - that hasn't been replaced yet.


On another note - I hit up an amazing estate sale this weekend.  So the spot in front of this wall isn't empty any longer.  I'll be back with a post about that later this week.


  1. LOVE how it turned out and how they pop on that lovey blue wall, nice work!! i'm thinking of doing this in my studio if i ever get to cleaning it up ;)

  2. these look great. i was thinking about doing them in my new babies nursery.

  3. you're killing me with this estate sale thing!

  4. O Wow thats a great idea i love it and it didn't cost anything. You have your own unique art work its brilliant, well done you ;-)) dee x

  5. I think that turned out really cool!!