Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More toddler sized seating

I've decided that Phoebe and I need to host playgroup more often.  Nothing gets you more motivated to clean the house than the thought of other moms coming over to your place to inspect your housekeeping hang out.

Well, this didn't have anything to do with playgroup, but it is one of quite a few finished projects that I have finally checked off my list.  Isn't it nice to be able to spend your tiny bit of free time making things instead of cleaning?   


I saw this tutorial over at The Mother Huddle and knew that I had to make one for Phoebe.  She just loves Phoebe-sized furniture, but kid furniture is so darn expensive.  Why the heck is that anyway? 

I won't take you step by step through the process (the tutorial does an excellent job of that), but in case you were wondering; I got the bench legs at Home Depot, along with a board that I cut down to 9"x3' for the top.  The fabric is part of a tablecloth from Target that I stalked until it finally went on clearance.  Sure the original price was a steal at only $15.99 for an entire tablecloth worth of fabric, but everyone knows that if you bide your time and go to Target every other day for a couple of months, you'll eventually get it for only $3.24.


My daughter decided that she was not in the mood to model it for me today, but she found a willing stand-in.


  1. So cute, I might have to still this idea! I stalked the same table cloth which is currently on my kitchen table. I made a table runner from it.

  2. o wow, great job! hope you guys are feeling better :)

  3. i love following your blogs! But brooke keeps looking over at my computer instead of doing homework! She wants that bench LOL you are so talented!

  4. That came out so well! I can't wait until we're in the house and I have room for fun stuff like this!

  5. What was the size of your wooden board?

  6. So cute! I found you through The Mother Huddle. Just you talking about Target gets my heart going. I'm in Canada and we're getting a Target in the next year or two so I'm extremely anticipating those clearances everyone always talks about.. I mean 16 bucks to 3!? We DO NOT have sales like that over here! Anyways, love your blog!

  7. Beautiful! Just saw the post of Mother Huddle and your comment. Truly, truly inspiring.

  8. So cute! This is like a year later but I made one too! I love your fabric choice! My daughter as well wouldn't even stand in the picture haha if you want to check out mine heres my link