Sunday, March 27, 2011

For the love of scrappy quilts


I've been working on quite a few quilts lately (I think I have five in the works right now - all at various stages), but I don't like to post about them until they have been given to the actual recipient.  

This quilt was made for Steve and Michelle, two dear friends of mine who are getting ready to tie the knot this June. 

I wanted to keep it pretty and colorful for Michelle, but still masculine so it would be welcome in Steve's man cave.  I think the Kona coal balances out the bright patchwork perfectly - especially when combined with the patchwork binding, which I totally love.

Scrappy quilts are some of my favorite, because each piece of fabric is tied to such a distinct memory.  I'm thinking of one day starting a fabric diary - where I keep scraps of fabric and record either where I got them or what was made from them.  


I think it would be incredibly special one day for my children to know that the pink and green striped fabric on the right came from a skirt that I used to wear in high school, or the yellow modern meadow on the left was used to make Phoebe's crib skirt, or that the blue floral piece used to be a bag that I thrifted from a house that was overflowing with sewing supplies.

More Kona coal for the back along with a giant log cabin improve block.  I made the binding out of all the leftover binding bits from previous projects.  You can see that the section along the bottom right corner was originally used to make this special project.


  1. Love love love. The simplicity is so perfect. nicely done!

  2. This is really beautifully crafted. I think you really mastered the balance of masculine and feminine appeal too. Lovely.

  3. A fabric diary is such a great idea!! I love your scrappy quilt. I am so in love with gray background fabric!

  4. really cool Emily! I love the scraps with the gray. beautiful!

  5. this is the perfect cross between feminine and masculine.

  6. Thats really pretty. Like Leslie says its perfect for boys and girls. The vibrant colored scraps outshines the plain gray. The vertical scrap also looked nice.

  7. This looks great, Emily! I wish I could have seen it in person today...but I'm sure its new owners are busy admiring it themselves!

  8. Love the quilt, and all you blog.
    I got here via Sew, Mama Sew, giveaway.