Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why don't we retire to the bedroom?

Remember this little sneak peak from way back when?


Well I have finally, oh finally finished painting all of that damn trim and cleaned up enough to the point to show you my progress!


You can see before pictures from when we bought the house back here, and even though it's taken us almost a year, it feels sooooo good to get that old person vibe outta here!


As I mentioned before, our "master" bedroom is really just two rooms with a section knocked out between them by the previous owners.  We actually find the whole setup incredibly annoying since there's two entrances to our room (basically right next to each other), there's still enough of a wall that there's no good way to set up our furniture, and we struggled on what exactly to use that extra space for.

We were previously using it as kind of an office, but there was still a ton of wasted space, and we hated having our bedroom in full view when guests wanted to use the computer (mostly because it's always a mess).

Please excuse the messy closet and piles of laundry - it's definitely my lest favorite chore.  Also, the closet doors will probably be going back up after they are repainted or covered in fabric.
 So it actually worked out rather well when we found out we were expecting baby #2 and decided to turn that awkward space into a nursery.


We closed off that extra door (well, we put a large piece of furniture in front of it) so it will be nice and quiet, and of course it's super close to our bed for all of those late night feedings. 

Now that the painting is done, I'm excited to start decorating!  It's definitely a departure from Phoebe's soft, girlie, nursery that was full of pinks and yellows.  I'm looking forward to a new design challenge!


My current dilemma - too many ideas!  I've been browsing way too many amazing nurseries on Pinterest and I want to incorporate ideas from them all!  Editing has always been my biggest design challenge.


If you're wondering about paint colors and curtain info, I talked about it in my earlier bedroom post that you can find here.


  1. I can't wait to see how everything comes together. I love the colors and the curtains so much.

  2. I love those curtains! Eeep! :)