Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thrifting find of the year.... or at least the last couple of months

I've been a bit of a thrifting maniac lately.  I attribute it to a couple of things....  

1)  I've been kicking some butt in my Etsy shop
2)  I know my thrifting days are limited once I'm dealing with two kids instead of one.  Phoebe's pretty good at getting in and out of the car and even asks to go to garage sales every so often, but dragging two kids in and out of carseats will be another story.  Plus, I'm sure it will be a lot harder to dig through piles of junk with a tiny baby in my arms.
3)  It's totally in my blood.  My dad started taking me thrifting when I was Phoebe's age and once you start making those amazing finds and getting great deals, there's just no turning back.  

Also, all of this old "granny chic" stuff (as I like to call it), is completely my style, and you just can't find these things in stores nowadays.  Unless of course you go to Anthropologie, but then it costs an arm and a leg :)


Sooooo imagine how thrilled I was to find this amazingly, fantastic, wonderful vintage chenille peacock bedspread at one of my local thrift shops this weekend.  It was balled up in a bag and laying on the floor.


I actually didn't even know what was on it until I got home, but I saw the multi-colored chenille and the price tag of $2.50, and didn't think twice.  Turns out it's in amazing condition with no stains or holes, and there's only a few small spots where some areas of chenille have been pulled out.


I've never seen anything like it, and after a quick search on Etsy, found that they are currently going for $150-$300, based on the condition, design, and size.  Zoinks!


Of course, my husband is giving me major hell for not listing it in the shop, but I've decided that this lovely lady will be staying with us for the time being.  Plus, Phoebe is enthralled.  She keeps petting it and insists that it be laid out on the floor at all times for her own personal gymnastics mat.



Here is is on our queen sized bed.  Not exactly the style I'm going for in our bedroom, but definitely something to plan an amazing little girls room around someday.


  1. WOW!!! That is definitely a super find!! I love it! :-)

  2. I think it's awesome... and suspect that you will find a way -- tiny baby or not -- to keep thrifting!

  3. SO GORGEOUS, I cannot believe you got it for just $2.50!!

  4. beautiful! I found one a few weeks ago, but it was in pretty bad condition, this'll make an awesome addition to a girl's room!

  5. LOVE this find! I just found your blog and am hooked. Lovely!

    (And I always secretly wanted my name to be Emily Elizabeth---reading Clifford in grade school.)

  6. That is an amazing find, i love it.

  7. He he...granny chic. I like it. :) Very cool find.

    Emily a la Blog

  8. Pardon my language but holy crap! I def. say it's the find of the year. I think think if I had seen that in the store I would have been paranoid that someone would snatch it from my hands. Not that anyone's ever done that but still. Awesome score!