Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's becoming more and more uncomfortable to sit at my sewing machine for long periods of time, so I saved a lot of embroidery and other handwork pieces for the end of my pregnancy.


I was never really into cross stitch  until I discovered the most darling patterns by Gera.

Hansel & Gretel crosstitch

I made this Hansel & Gretel one while I was pregnant with Phoebe, and I enjoyed it so much that I thought new baby should have one as well. 


I ended up purchasing the Little Red Riding Hood pattern, and as you can see - I've still got a ways to go.  Since I was new to cross stitch when I made Phoebe's, I used 18 count Aida cloth.  However, this time I figured, "Oh, I'm an old pro at this", and went with some 28 count (28 stitches per inch).  Oh boy, does that make for some tiny stitches - and much slower stitching!


Little Red herself is barely bigger than a quarter - and the pattern actually calls for 32 count, so I can't even fathom how teeny that would be!


I'm also still plugging away at my Daisy Chain Crewelwork Sampler, and wishing that Alicia would come out with another one sometime in the future.  This has been such a fun, relaxing project to work on.


And when I do get a little burst of energy here or there, I find my way back to my sewing machine and sew up some blocks for new baby's quilt.  Now who wants to come over and baste it for me?


  1. Those are all beautiful! I love the red riding hood - she's sweet.

  2. Bring the baby quilt top to the sew in and we'll get it basted in no time - on the tables instead of the floor :)

  3. I will baste your quilt for you- seems only fair since you've shown me two fantastic needlework designers I hadn't heard of before today! Love!

  4. Your work is beautiful! I must tell you that most cross stitch is meant to be stitched over two linen threads when done on fabric that is higher than 20-count. It's much easier that way, and the design will be of "normal" size. Your 28-count fabric would yield the same results as 14-count fabric. (And 32 would be like 16, etc.)

    Doing a project over one thread is quite admirable! It's not an easy task!! ♥

    PS LOVE your Daisychain Sampler. I ordered one, but haven't even started it yet! :/