Sunday, January 30, 2011


Earlier this month Phoebe and I escaped the cold and snow for a wonderful trip to Miami to visit my sister and soon to be brother-in-law.  Aside from spending time with my family and the fantastic eighty degree weather and sunshine, my favorite part was the shopping.  Unfortunately I struck out as far as fabric stores go (there was one quilting shop chock full of cranky old ladies and civil war reproduction prints, but that was it), but I hit the jackpot when it came to finding the store Casaideas.  

Casaideas is a home goods store that originated in Chile and later opened more locations in Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia.  Their store in Miami is the first in the United States.  It kind of reminds me of a Pier One with a Latin influence.  And the best part - amazingly fantastic prices.

 I was going bonkers over all of this crochet/doily awesomeness.  Price for a bedspread or crocheted throw - $40.

 Kicking myself for not buying one of these umbrellas - especially since they were only $10 each.

  Ooooo - I didn't see this while I was there, but it would look great in my kitchen!

  I picked up one of each of these crocheted boxes at $5 & $7 - and they just happened to be in my favorite color!

 Oh em gee

I got one of each of these dishtowels for only $1.50 each.

 My sister had to drag me away from buying these for Phoebe's future big-girl bed. 

Another huge plus?  Everyone was so incredibly nice in this store - good customer service is incredibly important to me.  I spoke with the manager who said that more stores were going to be opening up around Florida and their goal was to eventually have stores all over the US.  Here's hoping Ann Arbor will be coming up soon on their list!

Their US website is currently under construction, but you can view their catalog (in Spanish) here.

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  1. loved ur blog. I'm from chile but I live in florida and I got so happy when I heard about this store. Can wait to see it