Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The seventies called - they want their wood paneling back.

I've come up from the depths of our basement for a quick snack break of chocolate chips (super classy), and for a quick post to let you know that I'm still alive. 

Finishing our basement is the next priority on our to-do list.  It is already partially finished - but finished a la wood paneling and 1970's linoleum.  And there is no way I'm going to put up with that for any longer than I have too.  My husband thinks I'm totally snobby when it comes to design, and I guess he would be correct - but that's only because I have recently discovered that he has the worst taste ever. I guess it never really came up before since we have lived in apartments since getting married 5 1/2 years ago, but oh my goodness, some of his renovation ideas - or more accurately lack there of have me reeling. 

"You actually want to keep the dark blue vanity in the bathroom?"  "You like the ginormous outdated ceiling fan that's just inches from our head in the bedroom?"  "You want to paint the dining room beige?"

Oh I could go on and on.  But I digress....

The basement.  One day we're going to tear everything out and do drywall, but we don't have the money for that at the moment.  I need to get it done asap for two reasons; first off, somebody got a little spoiled for Christmas, and her toys are taking over the entire house.  I swear, Phoebe has more pieces for her toy kitchen than I have in my real kitchen.  So hopefully we'll be able to corral most of her things down to what will be her playroom.  But more importantly is that one of the rooms is going to be my studio and I am going crazy without a space to create.

Wanna see it?

She's a beauty, isn't she?  The cons - wood paneling, ugly old heaters, cement floor, drop ceiling, fluorescent lights, and it's in a basement.  Pros - it's a huge space - 12'x20', it has a door that locks, I don't feel bad putting a million holes in the walls, and it's my room to decorate however I want!  Also, since it's right next to the playroom, I'll be able to sew while still keeping an eye on Phoebe.

So, on my list is to get this baby painted - I just finished putting on my second coat of primer and I'm heading out tomorrow to choose a paint color.  I'm seriously thinking of going with the color of my old studio because I really really liked it, but then again I feel like I should try something new.  I'm going to try my hand at this tutorial on the back wall, which should be either fun or a complete mess.  And hopefully we'll get some flooring in this weekend.  I'm debating between carpeting because it would make the room a lot cozier and it can get pretty cold down there, but I like the look of a wood laminate a lot more.  And any suggestions for that horrid drop ceiling?


  1. if anyone can get that make that room look amazing and homey, it is you darling!! i really liked the color of your other studio too...hmm, excited to se what you go with!

    the only thing i can think of for the ceiling would be to paint it the brightest white so it does not seem so enclosing/old. we have some of that here too and i hate it!!

  2. We had a lake cabin growin up that was 3 bedrooms and a great room, all in horrible wood paneling. One summer my mom broke out the white paint and it looked awesome when we were done!

    As for flooring, I too love wood/solid flooring; however, putting it directly on a slab is going to be COLD in michigan. If you do, you'll probably just end up covering it with a rub to keep it warm enough on the tootsies.

    Have fun with your project!

  3. Ohhhhh, you're own sewing space!!!!! A huge room nonetheless! Lucky lady you are! Who cares about the wood panelling - retro is in. Paint it white or leave it as is and go nuts with the ceiling and floor. I can't wait to see what you do with it! Wish I could come over and sew with ya :)