Sunday, February 6, 2011

Productivly MIA

Sorry for skipping out this past week.  I promise that I haven't just been lounging around watching trash TV (at least, not the entire time).  Besides digging ourselves out of all this snow, here's what I've been up to...

Making cakes

I've cut all the pieces needed for a pieced duvet cover for our bed.  Mostly prints from Nicey Jane, with some Modern Meadow, Deer Valley, and a couple other random Amy Butler and others thrown in.

Lots of valentine crafting, like making barrettes...

garlands for the windows...

and these fabulous paper heart strings that I (and everyone else in blogland) had to make after seeing Tif's tutorial

But most of my time has been spent working on turning this into..

There's still a lot to be done with the ceiling, making some slipcovers, getting some art on the walls, and I really want to set up Phoebe's toys into some more specialized areas (reading, dress-up, music, etc.), but it's a good start.

I'll try to keep you guys more in the loop this week :)

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