Monday, January 17, 2011

Vay Cay

Phoebe and I have high-tailed it out of Michigan in exchange for some warm weather, cuban coffee and key lime pie.  We'll be back next week with lots of crafting (there are four - yes, four - quilts I need to start asap), getting some major work done on the rest of the basement, and finding some storage solutions for my studio (I forsee a trip to Ikea in my future!).

Until then, you can check out these lovely links where other bloggers have been kind enough to feature some of my work this week....

*Nicole at Chic & Cheap Nursery did a post on Phoebe's nursery.
*My Heather Ross Squared quilt was featured over on Quilt Story

On a side note - I totally had a dream last night that I was in a fabric store and I found a huge stack of Anna Maria Horner's voile fabrics on super clearance for 99 cents a yard.  Man, was I bummed when I woke up!

A side, side note - if you know of anywhere not-to-miss in the Miami area, let me know!


  1. Oh! I've only been to Miami once, but we went to their zoo and it was pretty great! It was quite a few years ago, but they had "Zookeeper talks" at which they fed the animals, which were very fun to watch, especially the difference between how the chimps and orangutans reacted to being fed.

    Have a fun vacation!

  2. OH I wish you could pack me up too!! These Michigan days are dragging! If you figure out what store up here has that 99cent fabric.. you let me know. ;) enjoy the vay-cay!!