Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quilt for Maddie


I usually don't post quilts before they've been given to their recipient, but I highly doubt that four year old Maddie follows my blog too closely.


Maddie has to have some surgery next month, so I thought I'd make her a summery quilt to cuddle with while she's stuck in the hospital.

Everything was from my stash, and shows off my "style" perfectly - vintage prints mixed with modern, and of course some vintage sheets mixed in there as well. 


I backed it in a soft flannel so it would be nice and cozy.


I found this little bit of spring during my photoshoot.  Since we moved into our house in November, we have no idea about what has been planted where.  We keep finding new surprises every day!


  1. I LOVE it! Those colors are so beautiful.

  2. love this! the fabrics are so sweet and the pic with the spring blooms in the foreground is beautiful!

  3. lol that's funny what you said about your daughter not likely to be reading your blog, haha. :-) I'm sorry to hear that she has to have surgery soon, though. :-( I love how your quilt turned out, I have been meaning to try a strip quilt...was it a fun sew?

  4. Awww she will really love it its beautiful. I have never seen a quilt made out of strips of fabric it always seems to be squares etc. Love your fabrics. dee x

  5. love your sensibility em! the bright modern prints and the vintage florals are perfect together and makes me want to do something in a similar palette.