Sunday, July 17, 2011

More wedding cakes

In addition to some yet-to-be-revealed sewing that I got done this weekend, my kitchen was in wedding cake mode once again.  I swear, this summer has been filled to the brim with weddings - and there's still one left to go!

Wedding Cake with navy fondant ribbon

I've had the honor of making most of the wedding cakes for my closest group of friends from college, and with Steve being the last one to tie the knot, I'm hoping that they'll still look to me for birthday, baby, and anniversary cakes :)

This cake was a combination of chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, and a vanilla cake with layers of key lime curd and key lime mousse. 

Groom's cake - with fondant Detroit Lions, Tigers and Redwings logos

The groom's cake was covered in hand-cut fondant Detroit lions, tigers, and redwings emblems, and per request of Steve himself, was a funfetti cake with rainbow chip filling.

Cutting the cake

Congrats to the newlyweds, Steve and Michelle!


  1. Absolutely beautiful and yummy looking! I certainly would have hired you for my wedding if we had known each other...

  2. Those look and sound beautiful. Look forward to seeing what you have been sewing, dee x

  3. I love the way you did the ribbons on the cake - so simple and elegant!

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