Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crewel Summer

 Ugh - I hate to leave the blog sitting unattended for so dang long, but our days have been so busy that by the time I finally get Phoebe into bed for the night, I want to do nothing more than crash on the couch.  Not only am I behind on posting to my own blog - but I'm super far behind in my blog reader, which bums be out.  I've been telling myself that I really need to edit down my subscriptions, but I haven't really had time for that either.  Sigh....

Another thing hindering my posting is that my trusty old Nikon has finally kicked the bucket - hence having to refer to Shake It Photo for blog pics since a new camera is nowhere in our budget.  But anyways, onto more lovely things.  

For mother's day this year, my mom ordered me Alicia Paulson's Daisychain ABC Sampler Kit.  The kit is no longer available, but you can purchase a pdf of the pattern here.
In case you've been living in a hole, Alicia writes the loveliest of lovely blogs, Posie Gets Cozy.  This was the very first blog I ever started reading, and is still my favorite to this day.   

This is my first foray into crewelwork and I am loving every minute of it.  I'm especially enjoying working with the Appleton crewel wool, which is so amazingly soft and really makes your satin stitches look much more polished than they actually are :)

I've been curling up on the couch with this on evenings where I'm just too tired to drag myself to the sewing machine, and it has been so calming to just stitch the night away.

My only wish is that there were more than 26 letters in the alphabet!


  1. Gorgeous!!! I'm sad I missed's so pretty!

    I'm sending camera vibes your way my dear :)

    Rest up while you can...the sewing machine and your blog readers will be here happily awaiting.

  2. HAHA! I posted about this same project!