Friday, July 8, 2011

More pennants - in quilt form

**Edited to add - This quilt is now available in my shop! **

We had the big reveal of our Kona Challenge Quilts last week at our Modern Quilt Guild Meeting, so I can finally share my finished piece with you!  So basically Robert Kaufman provided a charm pack (about 40 five inch squares) to each of the members, and we had to come up with a quilt using only that charm pack and an additional solid or two.  No prints allowed!

So here's what I did....


I ironed a piece of fusible webbing to the back of each of my charm squares....


cut them up into assorted triangles....


and spent about three hours rearranging them until it looked like this....


If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit addicted to pennants.


I ironed them all to a large piece of Kona Snow, then zig-zag stitched around every one of them.  The quilting was done in long swooping lines - following the curve of the pennants, with some extras added in around the open areas.


And since I still had so many scraps left over - already fused and ready to go, I decided to make this quilt reversible! 


Big and little pinwheels and starbursts - and yes, I zig-zag stitched around every piece.  Thank goodness I worked on this with friends at a sew-in or I might have gone crazy!

Be sure and check out the other kona challenge quilts from Modern Quilt Guilds all over the world at their flickr page.


  1. THIS IS AWESOME. great idea and it turned out so well. Now, how do you manage to finish quilts so fast?!

  2. That is just ridiculously cute! I really liked the front, and then I saw the back and was all, "lurve!"

  3. I like both of these so much! The pastels and the design work together to make them so sweet and pretty.

  4. Great challenge quilt! I love pennants, and I think the back is just great. Way to use up your scraps!

  5. Wow!! Your quilt is gorgeous!!!! Love it!!!

  6. Your quilt is fantastic! I love the back as much as the front.

  7. What a fabulous quilt. It's one of those rare ideas where you think, wow, I wish I'd thought of that!

  8. Emily, this quilt is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are an inspiration to me.