Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curtains - one of the easiest, yet most boring sewing projects

Thankfully Phoebe's room only has one window, so sewing two curtain panels didn't get too mind numbing; but hemming four yards of fabric isn't what I consider thrilling sewing.  Nevertheless, a new set of curtains really does make a huge statement for the little amount of work that goes into it.


The fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's new line, Loulouthi, and the print is Summer Totem in Grapefruit - purchased from here.  I really can't begin to tell you how darn much I love this print.  I also have a yard in both the strudel blue and tart colorways just waiting for the perfect project.


I was lucky enough to have a whole two days to myself this weekend while Phoebe and daddy took the train to go visit grandparents, so in addition to the curtains, I finally got around to painting the trim in Phoebe's room.  Most of the trim in our house is a 1970's dark oak color that really darkens up the place.  Even my husband was amazed at how much brighter Phoebe's room is with the simple change to white trim - and that's saying a lot :)

When we moved, we kept her room pretty much the same as her original nursery, and I'm not planning any major changes until we move her future sibling in there with her - which will be quite awhile down the road, since he or she will be staying in our bedroom with us for the first couple of months.


Phoebe playing hide and seek in her new curtains.


Next project on the list (besides painting all of the trim in the rest of the house) is some curtains to cover her exposed closet.  We removed the two doors because they were extremely cumbersome, and opened up into each other, silly enough.  Now I'm just debating whether to hang a long rod across the entire thing with some full curtains, or to just put in two single panels mounted by a tension rod in each doorway.   What do you think?


  1. Hmm. I could go either way on the closet curtains. A long rod could be nice, or two short ones could be more "modern". I suppose I'm officially unhelpful.

    Love the curtains though. Adorable print!

  2. love the curtains and way to go tackling painting the trim, looks awesome! I think two single panels would be super fantastic. :)

  3. I love the way the room came together. The curtains are great. I would go with two single panels on the closet. Have fun doing that!

  4. Love the new curtains!

    My only concern with the tension rod idea is how easy it can be for a little one to pull it down when trying to move the fabric aside.

  5. I'd go with the two smaller tension rods, unless you really don't want to hem those extra sides!

  6. awww bless her such a sweet photo of her hugging her new curtains ;-)) Which are lovely and so is her room, dee x

  7. Not sure how I missed this, but they look great! Nice to see that fabric in a real project too, I haven't been able to get my hands on any...yet.

  8. I love this Totem prints as curtains -- very cool!

  9. I found you on hawthorn threads by the photo you posted of these curtains. I am in love with them. Did you add fabric on the sides or did you just use the with of the fabric?