Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some recenty thrifty finds - for both me and you!

If I had a day all to myself, thrifting would definitely be a part of it.  My dad started taking my sister and I to garage sales before we could even walk, and it became a weekly occurrence every Saturday throughout the summer.  Some of my most treasured possessions are from garage sales and thrift stores and I love how my entire house is pieced together with these finds.

I haven't been able to do as much thrifting as I would like because a) I've been put on a budget (bleh) and b) thrifting is HARD to do with an 18 month old.  But here are some pieces that I've picked up here and there these past couple weeks.



I'm lucky in that Ann Arbor has some seriously good thrifting spots to keep me busy all year round.  The pink depression juicer and the cookware above are both from the Treasure Mart.  This place is probably more pricey than your average Goodwill or Salvation Army, but they always have amazing goods and are considerably less expensive than an antique shop.  And with three floors and 8500 square feet, you can always find something you can't live without.


I found this little tea strainer at the State Street Salvation Army for a mere fifty cents.  I usually can't tell one Salvation Army from the next, but this one is seriously HUGE.  I never leave there without finding multiple sets of vintage sheets, and they have a huge selection of glassware, furniture, and wool sweaters for felting.


I also found this child's folding chair at Salvation Army for only three dollars.  Three dollars!  I am so in love with this thing.  I only wish they had a whole set in my size.

Phoebe likes it too :)


This green, cut-glass, spouted bowl was found at the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop.  All of the proceeds from the store go to the Ann Arbor public schools PTO organizations, and they by far have the most gigantic craft section I've ever seen.  More about that in an upcoming post...


And finally, I found this coat at Such a Find Antiques.  


This coat brings me such joy and such sadness at the same time.  Joy because it is so amazingly awesome, and completely my style; sadness because it does not fit me and never will.  Even if I did lose 20 pounds (which I'm working on because my sister is getting married this summer :), it is just too tight across the shoulders and short in the sleeves.  

So I decided to offer it up to you guys!  This lovely gal is for sale in my Etsy shop.  I hope that someone will be just as excited about her as I am.


  1. You definitely found some great buys! I love hunting for the thrifty deals. We have a few stores in Jackson: 2 Goodwills, and a St. Vincent dePaul thrift store. Wishing we had more. But maybe I need to head out to A2 and check those out too! thanks for listing the names. :)

  2. i have a green depression glass juicer that was my great grandmothers and i love have some really wonderful thrift finds there.

  3. Wow, if I had $80 that coat would be mine...I am so in love with it! You found some great stuff, wow!

  4. I love your style!

  5. I found you on pinterest (the pouf) and started browsing your site. I love your style! How excited I was when I saw you were from A2!!! :) Yay, me too! Thanks for the great ideas for neat thrift stores!