Sunday, February 13, 2011

DIY Crayon Valentines


I bookmarked this tutorial over a year ago in anticipation for when Phoebe was old enough to start crafting and coloring.  Well that day has come, folks!  And there's still time for you to make some if you're scrambling around for Valentine's day tomorrow.


First I removed the paper from the crayons.   I read a tip that if you soak them in warm water first, then the paper slips right off.  Worked like a charm.


Then I chopped them into smaller pieces.  This is a great project for saving up all of those tiny pieces of broken crayons that accumulate over time.


Then I put Phoebe to work putting the pieces into these heart molds that I found at Target.  She had a blast because she's at that stage where she loves putting things into containers....


and dumping them out again.


This kept us busy for a good 20 minutes.


Then I popped these babies in a 275 degree oven, and basically just kept an eye on them.  A word of warning - make sure your molds are oven safe.  These weren't and were just starting to melt and tear as I took them out - but they got the job done.


Once they were cooled, Phoebe did a test run and found that they worked wonderfully for her chubby little hands.


And a great sugar-free alternative to your typical Valentine's day fare!


  1. Nice find at Target... although, not oven safe? really? ugh! Must be for ice cubes? well they should not make it look like silicone, because I would have done the same thing! Still very cute having heart shaped crayons for her. :)

  2. I swear this post was secretly meant for me ;) I found the same post last year and vowed to make them for my daughter's daycare this year. I bought the exact same molds from Target too... well, mine were pink. Anyway... totally didn't know they weren't meant for the oven! Made one set, they held up fine, then the second set... I had smoke pouring out of our oven! Good thing they were almost done. And isn't the tip about the water genius? Glad to see your little one likes them as much as mine :)

  3. Super cute! I'm going to have to make these, thanks!

  4. I used those same molds to make Valentines for my little girl's daycare class this year. Could you tell me where you got the pink splat mat? I Love It!!