Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simple dress x 3

 Lotta Jansdotter wasn't kidding when she titled this pattern "Simple Dress".  It is simple in design so it's great for showing off a really fantastic piece of fabric, or would look really lovely done up in some linen with some simple embroidery around the hem and neckline.

It's also incredibly simple to construct, with only one pattern piece in addition to a pocket and some bias trim for the neck and armholes.  After making it three times, it now only takes me about a half an hour to throw together. 

The first dress I made out of a vintage bedsheet.  I don't like to use my "nice" fabric the first time I use a pattern in case I totally screw everything up.  I first have to learn all of the pattern's quirks.  Luckily, this one is very straightforward and easy to understand.

My only complaint is that the pattern only comes in one size, which is pretty close to a 12 month.  It fit Phoebe perfectly this summer, but she grew out of it pretty quick.  I'm not a pro at sizing patterns, but I've learned the ins and outs of adjusting them a little bit here and there.  So with this one, I added a lot of length, and widened the neck and armholes a little bit.

I found this twill print at Joann's, of all places.  They are definitely starting to carry a better selection of modern prints made by their own house designer, which is great; however I really wish that they would up the quality of their fabric.

I think one of my favorite details is the wooden button that I found in the button-box that used to be my great-grandma's.

I'm simply amazed when I look at the picture of Phoebe in the first version of this dress taken this summer, and the current one that I just finished today.  She looks so grown up!

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