Friday, October 15, 2010

Past Project Friday

 Every Friday I will be posting some sort of crafty project that I have completed in the past.  It could be anything from baking, to sewing, needlecrafts, art, decorating, etc.

This project came to mind after one of the blogs that I frequent, Little Dear Tracks, asked all of their readers the question "What is your favorite embroidery project?".  It wasn't hard for me to choose.

 My husband and I had a very difficult journey to become parents.  After a year and a half of trying, we found out that it would be pretty much impossible to get pregnant on our own.  Thankfully we have some amazing family and doctors, and we thank god, modern medicine, and Robert Edwards everyday.  So after a very stressful and miraculous round of IVF, we found ourselves expecting our first baby!   

The entire time that we were trying to conceive and going through IVF, I refused to craft or even think about making anything for a future baby.  I think it was a defense mechanism for me by not wanting to get my hopes up.  Well, once I was pregnant and past the first trimester, I let myself start to get excited and this was the first thing that I made for Phoebe's nursery.  

The design is a free patten from Follow the White Bunny, surrounded by a quilted patchwork of the colors that were to be incorporated in the nursery.

Each time I look at this, I remember the feelings of pure joy and excitement I felt as we waited for our first baby.



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  1. Hi Emily, thank you for notifying me of your blog post. I was very touched by your story and happy to learn it had a 'happy end'. Phoebe is a lovely name too. I considered that name for my girls as well but Dutch people would not have a clue how to pronounce it so we went for 'Zoe' and 'Luna' instead. :)