Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pattern Review - Perfect Little Party Dress

It was a very productive weekend without a little toddler on my heels chanting "Up! Up!" all day long.  All I can say is, God bless grandparents!  But I missed her like crazy, so of course everything I ended up sewing was Phoebe-related.  

I did manage to clean my craft room and will be posting about that later, but after taking these pictures of Phoebe in her new Halloween dress, I just couldn't resist posting these first.  I apologize for the picture-laden post, but I just can't resist how adorable she is!

This is another pattern from Heidi and Finn - the Perfect Little Party Dress.  I can't even believe how fast this came together - it took less than an hour.  After using two patterns by Heidi and Finn, I would definitely recommend them for a beginning sewer.  They are emailed to you immediately as a PDF and have lots of clear instructions and photos.

It comes with pattern sizes 12 month - 5T.  Of course, Phoebe happens to be wearing size 18 month right now, so I just extended the 12 month pattern a bit, and added a couple inches in length because she's quite tall for her age anyhow.  I didn't make any other adjustments; I contemplated on shortening the sashes because I don't like the look of a huge bow, but since the dress ended up being a little wide, I was able to wrap them around her twice and it fit perfectly.

This dress was made on the cheap as well.  I got the polka dot fabric on sale at Joann's - you can definitely tell it's of terribly cheap quality - but for a Halloween dress that will only be worn a couple of times, it doesn't bother me too much.  The sash is made out of a curtain that had a previous life as duvet cover from Ikea.  

I have a terrible habit of never buying matching thread with my fabric.  I always find tons of thread at garage and estate sales, so I just try to find the closest match that I have on hand.  While making this dress I discovered that people must not use orange thread all that much.  So don't look too closely at the hems, which are stitched in red.

 But I think Phoebe likes it anyway.


  1. I checked out the patterns love the hoodie!

  2. new follower. She is super cute and the dress looks great! I wish I had more time to sew.

  3. it's perfect! and looks so good on her, red stitching and all :)

  4. What a darling dress on an even sweeter little one! I am a novice sewer and am always on the look-out for cute and easy patterns. Thanks for sharing about Heidi and Finn.