Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming clean

I have a confession to make - I hate to clean.  I love a nice, clean, organized house, but with a one year old, it never stays that way for very long.  When I do clean she is usually just two steps behind me, pulling books off of shelves, scattering toys everywhere, and placing random objects in even more random places (remote control in the bathtub, anyone?).  So generally I let it go - unless of course someone is coming over, and then I quickly clear off the top layer of debris and throw it in a closet so people don't think I'm becoming a hoarder.  

Sadly, my craft room is what suffers the most.  I'm usually the only one that goes in there (well, besides Phoebe who finds it the most fun room in which to create destruction), and it's so easy to just close the door when guests come over.  And lets face it, crafting is a dirty job.  Fabric scraps, pattern pieces, thread, and bobbins cover the room - and of course I usually have at least ten projects going at one time which doesn't help the situation.  

So here's the current sad state of my craft room.  It has actually gotten to the point where I can barely even work in here, which usually tells me that it's time for a good, deep cleaning.  Easier said than done with a toddler around, but the stars have aligned and my amazing parents are borrowing Phoebe for the next few days, and organizing the craft room has become my number one goal (followed by about 50 other goals).  My main reason in posting these embarrassing pictures is so I'll actually follow through and get it back in order.

I might as well stop blogging and get to work!


  1. Oh Emily, you are not alone! I so understand. Wishing you luck in accomplishing your goals & how wonderful you have your parents to help you out. Love & miss you, Janet

  2. o man, my workroom is a disaster area! i have wanted to post photos of it for about a year now on my blog but have never quite gotten it all the way clean since i always find a new project halfway through cleaning and get so easily distracted :)

    good luck and i hope you get some time to yourself too!

  3. You will get there. My stuff is in all different parts of the house currently and now we are setting aside a place just for me. Can't wait to see your after pictures :) Goodluck

  4. No judgement here, either. Since our my workspace doubles as our dining room table, I have no choice but to keep it tidy. So, I guess that's a blessing, but I know if I had my own room, it would get cluttered quickly.

  5. I couldn't even post pictures of my craft room, I am far too ashamed. I'm glad you're going to be getting some "Emily" time and can get your fabulous room sorted out and make the space to work on your projects!

  6. Ohhhhh, I can't wait to see it done. I can already see what a great space you have - it's fab! Love the wall color and the closet useage. Post pics please :)