Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A quilt for ME - over a year in the making


I first posted about this quilt waaay back in February of 2011.  And then again here, and then when I finally finished the quilt top back in April of last year, and one more time when I finally got the darn thing basted while I was nine months pregnant.


I guess since it is the largest quilt I've ever made - a queen size at 90 x 108" - it makes sense that it took me forever to finish it.  Plus, the thought of quilting this beast made me exhausted just thinking about it, so I put it off for a long time.


But once I sat down and got started - it wasn't quite as tough as I had led myself to believe.  I went with my standard, all over loop-de-loop free motion pattern.  This quilt definitely gave me a lot of practice!


I backed it in a whole mess of pieced vintage sheets and favorite fabric remnants.


Aside from being pieced with lots of my favorite fabrics (Nicey Jane!), and sashed with one of my favorite vintage sheets, my favorite part is that our whole family can cuddle up under this giant without anyone's toes poking out the end :)


  1. this is beautiful! it's never occurred to me to make a quilt just for us, for fun....especially out of fabric I like! I always give my quilts away!

    just found your blog recently and it's lovely....thank you for sharing pictures of your quilt!

  2. Amazing! I am impressed that you quilted that beast yourself :)

  3. CONGRATS! o, that's gotta feel good. I have that twin size quilt with the FFAII stuff and all I have left is the binding but just can't seem to get to stuff that is not for the inspire me that it can be done ;) Enjoy!

  4. Wow! LOOOOOOOVE it! so gorgeous! This is one of my faves of yours and I'm so glad you finally got it done :)

  5. Wow! Super impressive. Look at all those teeny tiny squares you pieced. I can't imagine how satisfying it must be to have finished that. It's beautiful!

  6. It's gorgeous!! Congrats on such a huge finish!

  7. I love love love Nicey Jane. Your quilt turned out gorgeous! I made a quilt using that block and loved how it turned out, such good results huh? I am glad you finished a quilt for YOU! :)

  8. Wow!! You've inspired me to get going on my nicey jane quilt which was put off when I became pregnant nearly two years ago!

  9. I love this! It certainly gives me the itch to start a summer quilt for myself. I'm such a newbie - only done 2 baby quilts so far. I think its time!

  10. Love it! Definitely gave me the itch to start a summer quilt of my own.

  11. What a really gorgeous quilt! I'm hoping to make my first quilt in the next few months. Love all the fabrics you chose and your design!