Monday, February 21, 2011

Another post involving Nicey Jane, and a quest!


I've finally been making some noticeable progress on that patchwork duvet cover I mentioned back here.


I'm just finishing up piecing the last few blocks, and then I've got to cut the sashing (my least favorite task) and sew everything together.


I used Ashley's "Rectangle Squared" tutorial from Film in the Fridge, just altering the dimensions a little bit.  My blocks ended up being 9" square and I used a sashing of 1" instead of 1.5".


This weekend I also took a short trip to visit my parents and hit up some fabric stores in their neck of the woods.  I stopped in at Erica's Craft & Sewing Center and I just couldn't resist a couple more Nicey Jane fat quarters in a different colorway. 


And I usually don't shop at Hancock Fabrics (the poor quality of their fabric makes my skin cringe), but every so often you can find some amazing gems - so I always have to go in and do a quick run through.  I mostly just walk down the aisle, running my hand over all the bolts and it's pretty easy to tell a good piece of fabric from a crappy one. 

I stopped dead in my tracks and did a major happy dance when I got to this one.  95% organic knit bamboo (5% spandex) for only $3.95 a yard.  It feels freaking fantabulous and you can't beat that price anywhere!  I think Phoebe and momma might get a pair of matching yoga pants from this.

Painter's Palette in Sky from Erin Michael's Lush Collection
On a completely random note - if anyone happens to see 9 yards of this fabric hanging out somewhere, please buy it for me and I will pay you for your troubles - plus love you forever.  I've recently decided that my bedroom curtains just have to be made out of this and will settle for nothing less.   


  1. Ohhhhh, cannot wait to see this finished! Great job so far and love the fabrics. You scored on that organic knit - wowsa!!!!

  2. I would love to have your permission to copy your photos so that I can have a record to refer to while I shop for fabrics to make this pattern of Ashley's Film in the Fridge pattern. I adore the color combo you chose!!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. I am so interested to talk to you about this when I see you because a) I am sorely in need of a new duvet cover and b) I am working up the courage to make my first quilt. PS, I love your blog!

  4. Dumb question here, but I'd love to know how to tell the difference between the good and the not-so-good fabrics. Do the good ones feel smoother?? All I have is Hancocks for hours around here, so I'm a bit stuck.