Friday, May 11, 2012

My Preciousness

I don't usually join online quilt-a-longs, bees, and the like, for a couple of reasons.  A) Ever since having children, my sewing time has dropped drastically.  B) I don't like to be held to time constraints when sewing.  I always have a million projects going at once, and I hop between them constantly.  So with A and B going on, I'd never finish anything in time for deadlines.

Heather Ross - Meadow in Olive

However, I found Kelly's, My Precious quilt-a-long, so easy and relaxed that I decided to join in the fun.  The basic guidelines?  You can sew whatever you want - it doesn't even have to be a quilt - but you have to use your most precious, hoarded fabric that you'd never dream of cutting into.

Curved clutch

Success!  I was in desperate need of a small purse or clutch to stow my wallet, phone, etc. in for when I go out sans children.  And my super precious fabric of choice?  Meadow print in olive from Heather Ross' line Rabbits and Racecars (even though I had previously cut into it a little bit for my kitchen rug project).  I went with the Curvy Clutch pattern from Michelle Patterns.


Why is this fabric my absolute favorite?  The color simply rocks my face off.  I love that bright olive with the hints of orange, pink, and yellow flowers.  And let's face it - those random little turtles and chipmunks are pretty darn cute.


The Curvy Clutch pattern itself came together really nicely - my only issue is that I think that the sew-in interfacing that I used was too thick.  It was a beast to turn, and there is one area on the interior where the interfacing does buckle outward a little bit.  I'd definitely go with something more lightweight next time.  I went ahead and lined it with Wildflowers in brown from Heather Ross' Lightning Bugs line. 

Even though my olive meadow print is now down to scraps, I'm glad that I finally took the plunge and made it into something special.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it much more than if it was still sitting on the shelf.

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  1. That purse is darling! Love that color. I saw Kelly's quilt along too and thought it was such a great idea.

  2. beautiful clutch. i adore this fabric too. glad to see you have used it!

  3. Beautiful. I wish I had those lovely fabrics so I could copy you exactly!! Happy Mother's Day!