Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big Tee Tiny Tee

One of my ongoing projects this summer is to try to keep up with my crazy little growing-like-a-weed Phoebe's wardrobe. 

TShirt reconstruction

I've been making her these incredibly quick and simple tops by using Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern (a must-have for making clothes for kids), and these retro vintage shirts that have been thrifted - or in the case of the Pippi shirt - was actually MINE in high school.  Eeeks!


I love sewing using up-cycled clothing because you get to finagle around your pattern pieces to take advantage of things like already sewn cuffs and hems.


With these shirts, I first disassembled the original shirt and cut off the neck ribbing to reattach at the end.  I positioned my pattern pieces to center the graphic on the front, and to keep the cuff ribbing on the sleeves so I wouldn't have to finish them later .  Then I just sewed it up according to Rae's pattern, and shortened and attached the neck ribbing.  The whole thing seriously took about 20 minutes.


And even though Phoebe has no idea who Pippi Longstocking is....


.....I think she embodies her character pretty darn well.


  1. Oh gosh yours is so cute. I can't believe you still have shirts from high school. I wish I could find such retro tshirts!

  2. This is cute (and so is your t-shirt model)--a great idea to reuse the cool vintage t's!

  3. Big tee tiny tee is my new favourite hobby! I've been cleaning out all of hubby's tees and making new ones for my son. It's so much fun! I love the pippy top. Your daughter is all kinds of gorgeous!

  4. oh man she is CUTE - the perfect pippi indeed! i love that FBST pattern and i'm a big fan of preserving the original hems if i can, too. NICE WORK.

  5. Wow, the t-shirt is adorable, but your Phoebe steals the show. What a great up-cycle.

  6. LOVE resizing tees! Currently doing a teensy tiny one for my new bb {who isnt even born yet ahah}. I love that yours are authentic vintage ^_^