Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tree cutting and christmas crafting

It's not even December yet and already our holiday festivities are in full swing.

We cut down our Christmas tree, took obligatory 34 weeks pregnant photos (please disregard the look of exhaustion and no makeup on my face), and decorated every square inch of our house.  

It has been the most fun holiday season that I can remember because Phoebe is super into it this year.  I couldn't even count the number of times that Phoebe "ooooo'ed" and "aaaahhhhh'ed" and said "That is so so pretty/sparkly" while we got out our decorations.   And she tries her darndest to hug and kiss the Christmas tree about 20 times every day. "I LOVE my Christmas tree!"


We've also been doing some holiday crafting.  I have to keep Phoebe's projects a secret for right now since they're gifts for the family, but this is a little something that I whipped up for my Modern Quilt Guild's ornament swap that took place at tonight's meeting.


I can't take credit for the adorable pattern - I spotted it on Pinterest (of course!) a couple weeks ago.  You can find the full tutorial and printable pattern here.



Phoebe was pretty bummed when I had to wrap this one up to give away, so I think I'll be making a couple more of these sweet little cottages to grace our Christmas tree!


  1. aahh you look beautiful ;-) you must be getting so excited now. Phoebe is adorable its lovely when they are at that age when they can join in with everything. Loving your house im making a couple at the moment but filling them with lavender but i have to say yours are much nicer than mine and bigger which maybe i should have done. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  2. What a cute ornament! Don't you love Pinterest? :o) You look great. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are sure a challenge. Good for you for doing some Christmas and some crafting!

  3. I really like your fabric choices for the little house ornament, very charming! And I've got to say you look beeeUtiful and happy and I'm glad to see it :)

  4. That is sooooo cute! I need to make one of these right now. :)