Sunday, November 13, 2011

"I like things you can put things into"

That was one interesting quote by Andy Rooney that I picked up during one of his many tributes that have been playing on the news lately.


Sure, not the most eloquent statement - but what person doesn't like to have an assortment of boxes, bags, and pouches in which to organize their life?


And nesting pouches?  Even better!  A pouch to put all of your other pouches into.


I made these using an assortment of Denyse Schmidt's new fabric line for Joann's - Daisy Mae.  The largest pouch is 12" square and the rest decrease in increments of 2".  I layered all of the outer pieces with some light batting and quilted them all with different straight-stitch designs.


I highly doubt that these would be Andy Rooney's top fabric choices, but I think the recipient will be happy!


  1. I love the nesting pouches! What a fantastic gift to give. Useful and fun at the same time. :-)

  2. Those are lovely and pretty fabrics. dee x

  3. Gorgeous!! I love these, such a good idea!