Sunday, November 6, 2011

More coziness

Since I really don't need many baby supplies for this second little girl, I decided to splurge when it came to making her some special keepsakes.


Right now I'm in baby blanket production mode since all of Phoebe's baby blankets have been claimed by, well, Phoebe of course.


I have been madly in love with fabric designer nani IRO for a looooong long time.  Not only are her prints incredibly gorgeous, but some of them are printed on the softest, most lovely double cotton gauze - of which I have been completely smitten ever since Heather Ross' Far Far Away collection came out.


So why isn't my entire house swathed in this fabric?  Well, at about $22/yard, it's definitely a splurge for our current budget.  But after a couple of good Etsy sales, I went ahead and order a yard of this print...


.....and a yard of this one - both from Superbuzzy.


All of these blankets are pretty simple with just one piece of fabric for the top, and one for the backing.  I sewed them right sides together, turned them out, then used a decorative topstitch around the edges. 

I paired each of them a little differently - this one has the double gauze top with a voile pastry line backing....


.....and I pieced a backing for this one out of all of my leftover Far Far Away double cotton gauze.


Finally, this one has a Little Folks voile top with a Folksy Flannel backing - both purchased from Pink Castle Fabrics.

Each one is softer and more luxurious than the next, and I think that both baby and momma are going to love cuddling together with these.


And Polly too, of course.


  1. I love these. Simple and easy...but they look and feel so much nicer than "store bought" blankets. She will love them!

  2. So soft and pretty - I bet you can't wait to wrap that sweet baby in them :)

  3. ooo, they do look so soft and cuddly. :) pretty!

  4. Lucky baby girl! Those blankets are beautiful, Em.

  5. Such beautiful fabrics - that's one lucky baby girl coming into the world :0)

  6. beautiful!!! do you have a pattern or tutorial for the blankets!?