Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I'm working on when I should be packing...


Hillary's book is just too darn amazing to be packed away just yet.  We're on a pretty tight budget here, so unfortunately I can't buy every beautiful craft book that comes out.  After one glance, I knew that this one was a keeper.  I seriously plan on making every single project in here.


These two girls were made using the Tag-a-Long Doll pattern, which was super simple and a great introduction to doll making.


Even though they'll be living in different homes, I'm sure they'll get to play together often since one will be staying here with us, and one will be going to Phoebe's best friend EB.  Phoebe and EB are only 10 days apart and have been playing together since they were only 3 months old.  I think all best friends need matching best friend dolls.


The dolls came together pretty quick, but getting these girls to stand up straight and take a simple photo took forever!


  1. haha, love the one of them lying down. they turned out so cute! that book really is a good one. :) I had it checked out from our library for wayyy too long.

  2. Those are really cute. I love your fabric choices.

  3. So cute, I love them. EB will love it too. As of late she loves pushing babies in her EB sized baby stroller

  4. Wow! You did such a great job! Love the fabric choices! I'm waiting to get that book from the library and cannot wait to try them out!

    good luck with the packing, wish I could help you out! Congrats on the new home - that is so exciting!!!! Looking forward to seeing pics once you've moved in.


  5. So cute. I love that book. It definitely made it on to my Christmas list.

  6. chores take a beat seat to crafting any day! So Sweet.

  7. Oh, so cute! love them! and of course love the name Phoebe :) I need to find my Phoebe a friend with a cute matchy name!

  8. Oh I love that book. Your dolls look terrific! Nice work. I must get myself in gear and make some of those dolls.