Thursday, November 4, 2010

Past Project Friday

Every Friday I will be posting some sort of crafty project that I have completed in the past.  It could be anything from baking, to sewing, needlecrafts, art, decorating, etc.


There's been a lot of quilting posts going on here lately, so I figured I'd change it up a bit with some cupcakes.

Floral cupcakes for 9 year old's birthday party

These were made about two or three years ago for a nine year old girl's birthday. 


I believe that the mom basically just told me "cupcakes with flowers", and kind of let me go crazy.  Oh, how I love the clients that let go of all control and trust that you'll come up with something fantastic.  They don't come along very often.


Piping bags

All of these were hand piped using an Italian meringue buttercream.  


  1. amazing!!! they look like jewellery!!

  2. These are beautiful. I'm looking for inspiration for my daughter's upcoming 4th birthday party. These are way too pretty to eat.

  3. Wow - incredible! You are so talented. These are beautiful!

  4. WOW! These are so pretty. I especially love the roses.

  5. I have only just discovered you and I am quite smitten. YOu make lovely things. How is that Far Far Away II quilt coming along? I'll be working on two twin sized quilts out of that fabric at the turn of the year. ANyway, Love the blog:)


  6. Holy Moly! these look amazing!

    Looks like you were at the Meetup hosted by Rae - sorry I didn't meet you! Maybe next time :)