Monday, June 25, 2012

A sugary summer

Whoa there - I can't believe that we're already knee deep in summer here.  Not only am I way behind on my blogging, but I don't think I've even read another blog in the past month!  I can attribute that to a couple of things.... 1) My husband has taken over the computer with a new video game.  Ugh.  2) I'm still super addicted to Instagram (emmmylizzzy), and have been using that as my crafty socializing/networking outlet.  3) I guess I've just been busy actually doing and making- instead of reading/writing/editing/planning/browsing.  That's a good thing, right?

Cakes for a graduation.

The kitchen has definitely been bustling because of graduation season.  Here are a couple of graduation cakes I've been making over the past few weeks....

Buttercream part 2


Texture abounding in buttercream.


  1. Is it Diablo 3, by any chance? That's the one my husband's been addicted to lately. He keeps trying to convince me to play (once upon a time I played world of warcraft with him) but I knew it would be the end of my sewing/quilting time.

    Beautiful cakes!

  2. Emily, These are so amazing!! I am still trying to muster up the courage to try Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the first time and what you create with frosting is just so beautiful!! I love reading your blog and getting to hear what's happening on your end of the Rupchock nation (lol)

    Love you!