Saturday, April 21, 2012



Gah!  I totally hate it when more than a week goes by in between blog posts.  And it's definitely not for lack of things to blog about.  I've got about a billion posts in my head, but these kids are just sucking the life out of me! 

And it is only being reinforced by my current Instagram obsession, because everyone keeps posting these gorgeous pictures of themselves sewing and working on projects all day long, and it only makes me seethe with jealousy that I can't get more sewing/blogging/thrifting/cleaning/laundry/sleep/alone time/etc. in everyday.  Sigh.  One day when the kids are grown I'll miss these days of endless games of Hi Ho Cherry-O, right?

But I digress....


Here's another baby quilt that I made for a very soon to be born little boy. 

I just love the range of fabrics I chose for this quilt - some are from current lines of fabric, some are from vintage sheets, and I even used some cotton napkins that I picked up at Target awhile back. 


Phoebe kept calling these diamonds when I was sewing this together, but I informed her that they are actually parallelograms.  Henceforth, Phoebe's favorite shape is the "Penellogram".  Obviously, she seems to be doing much better with her little sister :)


This measures about 45" square and is backed in a vintage sheet that seems to match perfectly.  And speaking of vintage sheets, I've recently added quite a bit to the shop.  Stop by and take a look and I'll give you 15% off your order through the end of the month if you use the code PENELLOGRAM!


  1. Great quilt, love the colors and I'm jealous you still had some of that woodgrain left - I've just got the tiniest of scraps. We should make a pact to show our messy houses on instagram during KCWC, not just our sewing. ;)

  2. I also love your quilt. The use of green and brown sheets mixed with other fabrics is fabulous! Oh, and I can so relate to your frustration over not have enough time to make the thousands of quilts rolling around in my head, along with all of my other interests, including thrifting! I don't have kids, but I work full time, so there's my time drain! have a great day


  3. I love that you mixed new fabrics with old sheets! The colors are wonderful!