Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Instagram Easter

 So I've had the Instagram app on my phone for who knows how long, but it wasn't until this past weekend that I became super addicted.  Come follow me, okay?  You'll get to see lots of behind the scenes action that doesn't make it to this blog - babies, cats, works in progress, my messy house, etc.  You can find me under Emmmylizzzy, of course!

My weekend started off with me getting super sick for a good 24 hours.  Thank goodness my parents were already here for the Easter weekend so they could watch the kiddos, since I pretty much didn't move from my bed for an entire day.  At one point, Phoebe brought me this daffodil and said "Here Momma, I brought you a present to make you feel better".  This cute moment was followed promptly by her grabbing it out of my hands and saying "Actually...., it's mine".

Thankfully I felt much better the next day for some Easter egg fun.

Due to being sick, I didn't end up making any fancy ones like in years past.....

.....but Phoebe rocked out some pretty awesome ones by mixing her own concoction of colors together.

Odin decided to keep an eye out for the Easter bunny all night.....

.....but must have missed him, because he had time to deliver waaaay too many goodies. (I think I get more excited about Easter than any other holiday)

After church and a lovely brunch in downtown Ann Arbor with the family, we headed home to hunt for eggs and relax the rest of the day.

Hope your holiday was just as great!

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  1. You've inspired me on a rainy day, we're off to paint some eggs! x