Sunday, February 12, 2012

Penelope's Nursery

Deer print is from here, bunny was thrifted.
I'm happy to say that so far Penelope has proved to be a pretty patient little baby, and didn't seem to mind that her nursery was still in shambles when she arrived.
Thankfully, she's also been a great sleeper, so I've been able to finish it up before she outgrew it! 

We recycled most of the furniture and main baby items from Phoebe's nursery, but went with a completely different color palette. 

Want to see a before picture (as in, before we bought the house)? Click here. But be warned, it's a little scary.
Once again, Polly finds herself right at home in the crib.


I want to secure and paint that darn cord the same color as the wall, but with a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old, I've got better things to do with my (almost nonexistent) free time.
I found that sweet little Hansel and Gretal lamp for $3 at my local thrift store and added a clearance lampshade from Target.  The house lights up too!

More info on the ABC crewelwork sampler here.
I totally copied these doily clouds from here.

I picked up the bird screen print from local artist Marcy Davy of All Things Grow, the book was thrifted, and the cat was my great-grandmothers.

I made the crib sheet from one of my favorite vintage sheets using Dana's tutorial - which is ridiculously simple and fantastic.  I ended up getting Phoebe to sleep in her big girl bed by letting her pick out her own fabric for her sheets.  Now she has kitty sheets, snowman sheets, and butterfly sheets.  It's crazy how much joy a fitted sheet brings her.

The stuffed lamb has been around for awhile, but has seemed to take up residence in the crib because she matches so darn well.
Stay tuned for a post on how I made this super-sweet crib skirt!
*The post is up!  Click here for a how-to*



The doily lamp will be getting it's own post too. 
The nursery at night.  Such a cozy place for a sweet baby!


  1. OMIGOSH where do i start? the bold blue walls in a girl's room! the ombre ruffled crib skirt! the clouds and the doily light and the crewel! i love that you found so many great ideas out on the internet and brought them together and made them your own. what a beautiful space. i love it.

  2. What a sweet nursery, and I absolutely love the lamp...what a great find!

  3. It is so darling! I love the doily lamp and that gorgeous blue wall.

  4. How sweet! Such a beautiful nursery!!

  5. How sweet! Such a beautiful nursery, I love all the details in the room!

  6. Ummm..I want to sleep in there. Great job hun! Want to come do my kids room? :)

  7. aahhh its truely beautiful and so soft looking. Love the lamp and the glow and shadows its creates. She is one lucky little lady. dee x

  8. precious. a nursery is harder than it looks and i love the bedskirt. i have a three tiered one planned whenever i get the fabric in. i will be anxious to see both of your tutorials. adorable another reader said, where do you start? i love the clouds. i am never lucky enough to find such a thing as that lamp! it is precious.

  9. The doily lamp is my favorite--I love the shadows it casts when lit. Beautifully done as always, my dear!

  10. this room is perfection... i LOVE your colors, the lamp, the crib skirt (!!!)... amazing!

  11. It's so pretty! Just the right amount of classy, but unique and girly with a fun color combo that you wouldn't always find in a girl's room! Well done, my friend! And I wouldn't paint that cord either...who has time for that...haha!

  12. I just found your nursery via Pinterest! I have to say I love the doily lamp...I hope you have a tutorial soon! And I plan on making the bed skirt as soon as I find out if I'm having a boy or girl and can pick out my colors next week! Thanks for the great pictures! Your nursery is soo cute!

  13. Love the crib skirt!! Thanks for sharing. What kind of fabric did you use? How heavy/stiff/soft/slippery?