Friday, February 3, 2012

I am not above bribery


I'm not sure if it's because we have a new baby at home, she's just getting over a cold, or because she's just being 2 1/2 (probably all of the above), but Phoebe has been particularly difficult and uncooperative lately - and that's putting it nicely. 

She is particularly pissed off in the above photo (and this was the best looking from the whole screaming, crying bunch) because - 1.  She's wearing a shirt that she did not pick out herself.  2.  She'd probably rather be having a root canal than have her picture taken.


Bring on the chocolate chips....


Okay, let's try this again (and let's try to ignore the sock-covered hand accessory that she refused to take off)....

I'm testing out Rae's new pattern for her Skinny Tee.  Can I say - what a freaking fantastic pattern!


I made this version out of an old shirt from the thrift store - which is my favorite source for knit fabrics.  They're super cheap, and you get to take advantage of things such as already finished hemlines, and premade cuffs - which save tons of time and effort while sewing.

This is a must-have, basic pattern for anyone sewing kids clothes.  Once you've made it once or twice, it comes together incredibly fast (we're talking 1/2 an hour, people!), and can be customized for soooooo so many different looks.  Plus, it comes in sizes 12 months - 5T, so this pattern is going to get a ton of use in my house. 


And no, Rae's not paying me to say any of this....
But she's welcome to!

The Skinny Tee pattern should be up on Rae's blog in the next couple of days.


  1. Until I had children I never would have thought a two year old would care what she was wearing. But mine sure did too.

    She looks darling in that top :) Hang in there!

  2. it's perfect and wonderful, just like you!

  3. it's perfect and wonderful, just like you!

  4. oooh, this is great! can't wait for that pattern, it looks like it gives such a perfect result every time. good luck with that two year old of yours! my three year old is darn picky, too. :S

  5. The 'pissed off' face is so wonderfully cute! She's lovely x

  6. Aaw, poor Mommy and poor Phoebe. If it's any consolation, I noticed Peter's tantrums got noticeably worse as he neared 3, but they're getting better now. The Skinny Tee is super frickin cute and I love the scotty dog print.

  7. I love the sock accessory hilarious! You just convinced me to buy the pattern. So far I've been tracing around current tees, but it's a pain. Thank you for the great review