Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stacked strips


The top for this quilt came together in one evening, but commenced to sit in my studio unfinished for weeks while it waited to be basted and quilted.


Basting is my most unfavorite part of quilting - even more so now as my growing tummy makes it more difficult for me to crawl around on the floor smoothing, pinning, and readjusting.  The cats don't help the process either.  The minute you lay a piece of fabric on the floor, they take their cue to begin tumbling, dive-bombing, and performing cat-aerobics across (and under) the entire thing.


This quilt was made entirely out of my stash and combined both modern prints and repurposed vintage sheets.  The backing is a large piece of vintage sheet combined with some Kona cotton in pale flesh.  (Seriously Robert Kaufman - you couldn't think of a better name for this lovely shade of pink other than pale flesh?)


We have been having a truly wonderful time these past two weeks while my husband has been on vacation.  No trips or fancy excursions, but we've gotten a lot done on the house and have spent some wonderful time together as a family.  And heck, I even have someone here to hold up my quilts so they can be photographed!


Too bad it's back to work tomorrow.  I think we all feel the same way.


  1. Your quilt is lovely, I love the fabrics and colors you chose! I am glad you all had a nice stay-cation!!

  2. I guess Kona can call it what they want -- it's a perfect choice with your strips. Very pretty.

  3. I totally agree! I basted a couple of quilts when I was pregnant, and I always ended up sweaty, grouchy, and grumbling about how much I hated basting. :D

  4. BEAUTIFUL quilt, love your fabric choices and the simple design. I agree, basting is the WORST.