Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Name our baby please!

I am incredibly lucky in that my mom just happens to be an ultrasonographer.  So while my "official" ultrasound isn't until Friday, I got to find out a couple of weeks ago if this baby is going to be a boy or a girl.


We got a big wave showing off all five fingers from this little GIRL!

I'm so thrilled that Phoebe will have a sister to grow up with, because even though my own sister and I fought like crazy, she is my best friend and most dear person to me in the entire world. 

So now I've kicked into planning mode, trying to figure out what we're going to do with the nursery situation - I'm planning on them sharing a room down the road, but would still like to set up a small little corner in our room for the first couple of months.  However, Phoebe is still in her crib and sleeps wonderfully, so I really don't want to rush getting her into a big girl bed.  But if I don't have a crib, it seems pretty pointless to set up a nursery, don't you think?  I'm going back and forth between being practical, and wanting to create a cute little nook just for the fun of it :)

Another item of big discussion has been what we're going to name this little girl.  We already used our favorite name on Phoebe of course, so we've got about 7 or 8 different contenders in the ring.  Something pretty, not trendy...  We really like vintage names.  

Any suggestions that go well with Phoebe?  I've been scouring Nameberry like crazy!

Think they'll look alike?

Do you think they'll look alike :) ?


  1. I like the name Penelope.


  2. Congrats!! My personal favorite girl names are Lily, Isla (eye-lah) and Penelope. They are my favorite because the first two are my girls names, and the last is what I want to name another daughter. (If I have one, but I bet I would call her Penny all the time.) I'm sure whatever you choose will be great!

  3. Thisbe. It is from the myth on which Romeo & Juliet is based. Congrats! -Rossie

  4. How fun! My girls will be sharing a room too, and right now Thea is in a pack n play in our room. Ikea has a cute basic crib in blue, pink, green and white for $99. And it converts to toddler bed. I have been eyeing it for a little bit, trying to decide if that is the solution for us.

    Names are fun to browse and yet, so hard to decide!

    Louisa (nickname Lulu)

  5. The name that immediately came to my mind is Ella.

  6. I can't help myself. The only name that goes with Phoebe is Ursula. Now, if only they were twins.


  7. I love old, classic names too. How about Grace or Claire?

  8. Cecelia! I love you, RJ, and Phoebe soooo much and I can't wait to meet the new one.

  9. Love some of these suggestions - Ella, Grace, Claire. Also Laura and Heather and Jane (my younger daughter's name is Heather Jane).

  10. Love the Grace, Charlotte and Penny suggestions. Also love Mariella, Maive, Olivia, Chelsea and Devon. Good luck deciding! We will finally get to meet our little boy in a couple of weeks. His 3 year old sister is beyond excited too!!

  11. I'll admit I have the worst time picking names. but just wanted to say yay! two girls is super fun. :)

  12. Congrats, I have two girls and it's so much fun! They really love each other. And I sort washing into three piles, lights, darks and pinks!! how about Violet, Maisie or Harriet? I'm sure whatever you decide it will be beautiful.

  13. I can't help on names... mine are all uber Italian. The "baby", now 2 was supposed to be in our room for only a while and then share a room with big brother, but he sucks at sleeping and I don't want to ruin it for big brother. Jeez, if we could just have a 4 bedroom house. Keep dreaming. Until then the 2 year old lives under a funny alcove under some stairs in our bedroom with a curatin to block sound from our t.v. Oh what a mess. Three just isn't easy in out house.

  14. I have 2 girls - aged 3 and 1, Matilda and Polly and I love having 2 little girls, so much fun. So congratulations!
    We had trouble naming Polly as well, but the other names that were in the running were Violet and Abigail. I also really love Alice, but my husband wasn't so keen on it. Good luck!

  15. I love Meredith and Audrey. I kinda wish I had 10 girls just so I could name them all these lovely vintage names.

  16. I was going to say Audrey or Abigail but others beat me to it. Im loving the suggestion of Pearl. But I'm also intrigued with the amount of people who like Claire - that's me! I've always liked my name it's pretty unique but not difficult to use. Best of both worlds :)

  17. Congratulations on the new little one. My brother and his wife are expecting again (Due December 3rd) also a girl. They already have a 3 yr old boy (Ayden) and he has said from day one that he was naming the new baby "Maggie Mae". It's a very cute name and we have no idea where he got it from. I told my brother that no matter what they named the new baby her nickname would probably end up being "Maggie Mae".

  18. Aw, congrats on a second sweet girl! My favorite "vintage" girl names are Eleanor (I love the nickname Ellie), Marjorie, Madelyn, and Esther.

  19. Yay! That is exciting news! My sister has three girls, and she named them Miriam, Lillian, and Gloria. My sister had a lisp when she was little and would say "Call me Gworia". We were so happy she named her third daughter this name! Makes us smile each time!

  20. Congratulations! 2 of my 3 are girls -- Chloe and Frida. A name selected from those of past generations of women in your family could give it some extra meaning!

    Oh, and I can vouch for the Ikea cribs: they are very simple and work great. We even had ours set up as a "sidecar" at one point, with one side removed and the crib attached (with gate hooks) to the underside of our wooden bed frame. They are great cribs, especially if you like a modern aesthetic!

  21. Names that stand out to me here in London are Scarlett and Maize.

  22. How about Genevieve, Julianne, Camille, Jocelyn, Miranda, Evangeline or Gillian? These are all names I loved and wanted to name our daughter, but my husband was not as in love with them. :) We ended up with Meredith which we both love. Good luck. It's so hard to decide!
    Alos you could do a bassinet or pack n' play for awhile before having to move your older girl.