Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More sewing with knits


This isn't my first time sewing with knits, but I definitely don't have as much experience or skill working with them as I do with wovens.  However once you have kids, you realize that they are just so much more comfortable wearing soft, stretchy knits (heck, so am I!) than stiff, itchy cottons.  So I'm trying to branch out a bit.


I've had the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap pattern bookmarked for the past year an a half and I finally got around to making it.  This is a gift for a sweet little boy who is turning one in just a couple of days, but Phoebe was kind enough to model it for me.  Actually, she liked it so much and threw such a fit when I made her take it off, that I started working on another one for her this afternoon.

I just love those curls poking out from under the hat!
The pattern was written by the incredibly talented Meg McElwee who blogs over at Sew Liberated.  I also just picked up Meg's latest book, Growing Up Sew Liberated, which is stuffed full of fantastic patterns for more knit clothing and other goodies for kids.  I only buy craft books if I plan on making most all of the projects, so I promise you - this is a good one!


But back to this pattern - Super super easy, involving only three pattern pieces and a long strip of 1x1 ribbing.  This pattern was written for use on a sewing machine (no need for a serger), and she gave lots of great tips that I will be using in my other knit projects. 


Even better - the entire hat is made out of repurposed clothes pulled from my own closet that I don't plan on wearing anymore.  They look much better on her anyways.