Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frothy pinkness

Weeping cherry tree

Dare I say that spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest?  I don't want to jinx anything....

Ever since it warmed up to a balmy 30 degrees back in March, Phoebe has been standing at the door at all hours of the day saying "outside, outside, outside".  Well, I'm finally more than happy to oblige her.

Blossoms from weeping cherry tree

I've been puttering around the yard planting, weeding, and pruning to the best of my knowledge, but I often still find myself in a staring contest with a plant for a good 10 minutes waiting for it to tell me if it's a weed or not.

Weeping CHerry tree

Most of all I've been enjoying all of the loveliness that the previous owners clearly put so much care into.  The absolute favorite of our family is this gorgeous weeping cherry tree that is simply covered in foamy pink.  I don't know much about it, but is it too much to hope for that it stays like this year round from now on?


It's also a clear winner in Phoebe's eyes - for she is unable to walk by it without gazing into the branches calling " Pink!  Pink!"


  1. aawww bless her and Pink is such a lovely color and that tree is gorgeous. If its like our Cherry blossom tree's in England then it will only flower for a few weeks normally in the Spring and then it goes but the tree will stay green. Enjoy your garden, dee x

  2. those are so so pretty! our favorite tree hasn't bloomed yet, but I can't wait until it does. I might have to go look for a weeping cherry tree!