Sunday, August 21, 2011

A wedding gift - only a year and a half late


Most of my friends and family have come to learn that if you get married or have a baby, you're probably going to get a quilt from me as a gift.


Hopefully they also understand what goes into making a quilt - and the fact that I tend to jump around a bit when it comes to projects - and they may not receive their quilt in a timely manner.  For not-so-newlyweds Chris and Nicole, that means about a year and a half after they tied the knot. 

Thankfully they're still happily married, and I hope to get their quilt in the mail to them this week :)


I raided my out of control scraps for this quilt, and combined them with a trio of greens and yellows that I thought looked nice together and pieced them to each other on the bias.  For the binding, I used the leftover solids (all Kona, but I can't remember the exact colors).


I quilted straight lines 1/4" on either side of the patchwork strips, and the backing is a large piece of vintage sheet with some of the solids pieced in (that I didn't get around to photographing since the mosquitoes ate me alive in the 5 minutes I was outside to take these photos).


What's next on the list?  Quilts for two more wedding couples that haven't received their gifts yet, of course!

20 Weeks

And in other news, this past week I hit my halfway point in my pregnancy.  Twenty weeks down, twenty more to go! (And we still can't agree on a name, lol!)


  1. You look gorgeous and so does the quilt!

  2. aawww you have a gorgeous bump ;-)) And your quilt is gorgeous to. dee x

  3. Congrats on the half-way point! Don't stress about the name thing too much. We were bound & determined not to be "one of those people" who went to the hospital without a name, but in the end simply couldn't make a decision. But as soon as he was born, I knew exactly which of the names was right for our little guy.

  4. This looks great Emily - I like the solids you used and the way you put the strips together. Good work!

  5. I love all the patchy patterns of this quilt against the simple green tones...very pretty!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog through a link at Made by Rae. Congrats on the halfway point! I have 4 weeks left in my pregnancy, and we still don't have a name either! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth.