Monday, October 18, 2010

Starting a Sewing Revolution!


Crafting is very contagious.  It only takes a couple of minutes in the presence of a crafter to start putting creative ideas into your head.  I am proud to say that many of my friends have caught the sewing bug - I really should have some sort of deal with a sewing machine company, because I have convinced many a person to buy their first machine throughout the years.

Shortly after having Phoebe, I joined a mom's group so I could try to keep a bit of my sanity.  It has been a ton of fun and I have made so many wonderful friends.  We recently started a holding a monthly craft night to get a jump start on some handmade holiday gifts.  We started out with a wide range of projects, but as it went on it was quite apparent that the sewing projects were the clear winner. 

Last night we had 5 machines going, 2 cutting stations, and one long line for the iron.  Pajama pants were the hot project, but we also had ladies making aprons, placemats, purses, and belts.  

 I think that many people feel very apprehensive towards sewing machines - and let's face it, they do look incredibly complicated with all of their buttons, stitch diagrams, threading systems, and other mechanics.  However, if they have someone to sit down with and guide them through a simple project, they realize that sewing isn't very scary at all.  And the pride and feeling of accomplishment in that first project is just amazing.  

The phrase I kept hearing the most last night was "Well, if so-and-so can make that, I know I definitely can!"

And if seeing just how adorable your child looks in something that YOU made him doesn't keep you sewing, I don't know what will.


  1. looks like fun...i wish i knew more people in boston who i could have sewing nights with!!

  2. Thanks for posting. We had fun. So excited for the next one.

  3. LOL, Emily! The old singer you gifted me so I could start sewing has been passed along as well. If that machine could talk...

  4. oh how fun!! we get together with friends to scrapbook like this, but i need to find more sewing buddies. Maybe ill have to drive out to A2 sometime. :)