Monday, May 7, 2012

Scattered Stars quilt

For my next quilt

Well, that led to this sketch...
Quilt Sketch

Which led to this quilt.


This quilt has kept me pretty busy.  The construction of the stars went rather quickly, but cutting and piecing all of those little extra pieces of fabric that offsets them from one another took forever!  And since I have yet to construct a design wall, I would lay everything out on the floor, and then the cats would promptly dive bomb into my array of perfectly placed little quadrangles.


Isn't that Flamingo solid just fantastic?


I quilted it by first outlining all of the stars, then throwing in some extra star outlines in the larger areas of negative space.  You can't really tell from the photo - but I went with an orange thread that looks fantastic on the pink.


The back is a Jenean Morrison print from her California Dreamin line.


And the most difficult part of this quilt is yet to come - shipping it off to it's new owner!  It's hard not to fall in love with each completed quilt :)


  1. This is just gorgeous ....I love the fun vibrant colors and fabrics you have chosen. I know how hard it is to send away a quilt you love

  2. wow ...what a beauty ...and I like the back also a lot !!

  3. how can you part with this?

  4. This is incredible! Lovely, just lovely!!

  5. I LOVE this quilt. I was looking for a pattern online last night and stumbled across it and thought about it again this morning, I'm going to make one very similar for a baby gift that someone has asked me to make. I love the scattered wonky stars and your fabric/color choices! It's awesome.