Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little less talk


I have determined that if I would like to continue blogging, I'm going to have to start using more pictures and less words.  Because there's no other way I can fit it into my schedule (or lack there of).  This past week I've been dealing with a sick baby who refuses to sleep or be put down, a toddler who demands constant attention, and a husband who won't have a day off work for two weeks.  That has left very little time for creating - let alone blogging about it! 

But I love this little space, and want to keep it going.  So hopefully some pictures here and there will suffice - at least until Phoebe goes off to preschool in the fall :)


So anyways - Commissioned baby quilt.  Girl.


Ten inch blocks with 1/2 inch sashing in Kona medium gray.  Backed in an Alexander Henry print (I think it's called Petals).


Quilted with straight lines in gray thread.  Final size is about 42" square.

Lots more quilts on the horizon - stay tuned!


  1. Bless you, you do have your hands full. Things will settle down in time. Gorgeous quilt. dee x

  2. Pictures work for me! I don't know how you manage to find time to sew at all :)

  3. Gorgeous, you have such an eye for putting all sorts of fabric together and it immediately makes me want to go fondle my stash and get to work on something :) I hear ya though...I'm aching to get back to my studio and blog but sometimes you are just needed elsewhere and it's totally ok. I keep having to repeat that to myself ;) You are doing a pretty darn amazing job of it all friend!

  4. Hi Emily, I thought I had posted a comment last night, but i don't see it, so I must have goofed up along the way somewhere.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I love, love, love your blog; all of your projects are beautiful (as are those sweet girls!), and I definitely hope you continue blogging (even if its a little less frequent/less chat).

    I'm a beginning sewer and would love to know if you have any sites you recommend for fabric and/or any books you might suggest for a newbie quilter? :)

    Thanks and keep up the beautiful work! :)

  5. Beautiful quilt and I think the more photos, less words approach is a good one at this phase in your life! Take care.